The Superior Court of Quebec has recently approved a national class action lawsuit against Air Canada airlines. In August of 2015, the Air Canada website offered a package of 10 trips within Western Canada for the alluring price of 800$. The package was quickly purchased by two Calgarians who ultimately received their confirmation numbers and receipts. Upon booking their trips, however, the Calgarians realized that their Air Canada accounts showed zero sign of their purchases.


When the individuals contacted Air Canada, they were told that they were the victims of a “computer loading error”; the package price was supposed to be $8,000 before taxes— not $800.


Air Canada has since apologized to all affected individuals, vouching to refund and honor any bookings made prior to the discovery of the glitch.

Although the airline has yet to make any statement regarding the lawsuit, Evolink Law Group has stated that the class action is still seeking compensatory and/or punitive damages as a result of the error.


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