Canada has become the destination of choice for asylum-seekers hoping to get around the Safe Third Country Agreement, with 21 people being arrested for illegally crossing the border at Emerson, Manitoba, this past weekend alone.


The asylum-seekers, mostly hailing from African countries such as Somalia and Ghana, are hoping to illegally enter Canada to claim asylum, something that would generally be rejected under the Safe Third Country Agreement as a result of them previously having claimed asylum in the United States. Immigration lawyer Julie Lessard explains: “With the instability and insecurity these people feel in the United States, they try to enter [Canada] illegally because that’s the way to go around that agreement.”


Manitoba and British Columbia have both seen their fair share of illegal immigrants within the past few months, however, the RCMP claims Quebec has been hit the hardest, despite not releasing any official numbers.

As the weather becomes warmer, an increase in illegal asylum-seekers is predicted.


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