As of February 2017, Bell Canada will be increasing monthly prices for a large number of residential services, including television and internet.  According to the Bell website, the increases will be as follows:

  • $3 per month for Fibe TV service in Ontario and Quebec (excluding the starter package).
  • $3 per month for satellite TV service in all regions (excluding the starter package).
  • $5 per month for all internet access packages in Ontario and Quebec (excluding dial-up and the “high-speed LD bundle”).
  • $2.51 per month for home phone packages in Ontario.

Canadians already pay very high prices for these services in comparison to other areas of the world; however, Bell says these increases are needed to fund newer infrastructure.


Dwayne Winseck, a professor at Carleton University, explains that most communications providers raise their rates at the beginning of the year and warns us to not be surprised if other providers begin hiking their prices as well.

Bell’s decision to raise prices follows a decision by the CRTC that stated Bell must lessen the prices charged to access their network infrastructure by smaller subsidiaries. This ruling, however,  does not apply to residential services. 


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