A recent study examining 40,000 foods and beverages sold in Canada has determined that 2/3 of our packaged foods (including yogurt, snack bars, and infant formula) contain added sugars. The study, published in CMAJ Open, classified the food products by searching for 30 different sugar terms, including dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, and fruit juice concentrate.


Added sugars have been associated with a variety of health problems, and most health-focused organizations recommended limiting the intake of added sugars to a maximum of five to ten percent of daily calories consumed.


To help Canadian consumers limit their consumption of added sugars, Health Canada has recently proposed changes to nutrition labeling; a possible change would be the addition of “traffic lights” for high sugar labels. These labels would be geared towards helping consumers easily identify foods in which large amounts of sugars have been added.


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