According to a report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canadian patients wait longer to see a doctor than those living in the United States, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France. Canadian satisfaction regarding care, however, is reported to be much higher than the former countries, with 74% of Canadian study respondents rating their health care as excellent or very good.


Overall, less than half of Canadians (43%) reported being able to get a same or next-day appointment with their family doctor during instances of medical need, which is lower than the 11-country international average of 57%.


The long wait times in Canada have partially been attributed to a lack of access in regards to electronic records.

Tracy Johnson of CIHI says: “If patients could access their lab results in an electronic format or they could access through email questions to their family doc, then it may help solve some of the flow-through problems we have to ED or the perception that they’re not getting access quickly enough.”


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