Ex-senator Hugh Segal has been working alongside the province of Ontario to design a Basic Income Pilot Project aimed at replacing existing social assistance payments administered by Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW).


Consultations regarding the project have been ongoing since November of 2016, with advisors recommending that the province provides a basic income amount of approximately $1,320 per month.  


Payments have been compared to a “negative income tax”, with individuals receiving top-ups in order to meet at least 75% of the Ontario Low Income Measure (LIM) which is currently set at $22,000 for individuals and $44,000 for families of four. 

According to reports, Phase One of the Basic Income Pilot Project is set to be carried out within the March budget, and testing will be conducted in three areas deemed representative of Ontario as a whole:   a southern Ontario location, a northern Ontario location, and one indigenous community.


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