About Us


The idea behind Snappy News came into fruition in January of 2017.

The reason Snappy News was created is in part due to the founder of the network not being able to find reliable sources of information without being stuck reading excessively large articles, and in part due to the want to create a strong team of news-conscious, reliable and energetic editors that are able, willing and more importantly happy to provide the world with the latest and greatest news on a day-to-day basis through eye-catching visuals and very minimal writing.

Our goal with every Snappy News article is for the average person to be able to read it and learn something new within 30 seconds.

Our articles consist of one sentence on our social media shares, and one sentence on each article’s featured image. If our social media follows wish to learn more about a topic we write about, they can easily click out to our website to gain a little more knowledge on the topic we’ve written about. We write a total of four-to-five sentences on our website’s articles. No more. No less. Perhaps most importantly of all, every single one of our articles are cited with a credible source to furthermore gain knowledge on the topic at hand and provide legitimacy.

Snappy News editors will do all in their power to stray away from fake and satirical news, making sure to keep the Snappy News name as reputable as possible. If we happen to screw up at one point or another by sharing a fake or satirical story, then you have our written word that we will own up to our mistake publicly with an update on said article. Let’s just hope that it never comes to that though.

Here’s a list of all our Snappy News divisions:

As we are still fairly new and founded off very minimal funds, we stress that it is extremely appreciated when our articles are shared on Facebook & Instagram, and retweeted on Twitter. Every little bit helps us get the Snappy News network out there to more and more people around the world, so thank you to all those that help us out by doing just that.

Jody Mitoma — the founder of Snappy News, is also the founder of The Missing Report (Established 2016) and Shoutout Canada (Established 2014).

We truly hope you enjoy what we have to offer you, and thank you tremendously for taking the time to check us out!

Last updated on January 11, 2017.