As Canadian media reported the events of the Quebec shooting, internet and ‘fake news’ sources were rife with accusations that the shooter was a Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar” as he gunned down his targets. “Trumpian” conservatives seemed to be overly pleased by these developments, laughing and mocking Trudeau’s willingness to accept the dangerous refugees that America had rejected.


Although initial reports of the shooting had described the suspects as either Moroccan or Syrian, real details soon began to emerge, ultimately shifting the blame towards two individuals: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Belkhadir. Upon hearing Belkadir’s name, Trumpian beliefs seemed to be confirmed.


Naming Belhkadir as a suspect was a mistake, however, with later sources confirming that he was actually a witness to the events. This development seemed to throw the conservatives off balance, with CBC describing how “the right-wingers suddenly piped down on social media”.

Although the shooting is tragic, it MUST be stated that most of Canada’s mass killers are extremely reminiscent of Alexandre Bissonette.  CBC explains: “Just about every single one in our modern history has been a Canadian-born, Canadian citizen, and usually Christian meaning extreme vetting of immigrants from places like Yemen and Iraq wouldn’t have done a thing to prevent their predations.”


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