With Trump’s recent vision of renegotiating the North-American Free Trade Agreement, the Canadian government has been doing its best to show that free trade with Canada is not something to be feared by the US. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has made it quite clear, however, that Ottawa “is not afraid to fight back” should tariff walls become a reality.


Freeland states: “I did make it clear that we would be strongly opposed to any imposition of new tariffs between Canada and the United States, that we felt tariffs on exports would be mutually harmful to both Canada and the United States, and that if such an idea were ever to come into being, Canada would respond appropriately.”


Freeland also discussed the possibility of a border adjustment tax with American officials, a change which would impose higher taxes on American companies choosing to import goods from foreign countries in comparison to companies buying their goods from the US. As of yet, however, no plans have been solidified.

Freeland’s view seems to align with that of the majority of Canadians, with Nanos Research demonstrating that 58% of respondents are willing to back a trade war, encouraging Trudeau to stand up to Trump, if needed.


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