Saskatchewan resident Christopher Hayes has been fined $500, given 9 months of probation, and is prohibited from owning firearms for 3 years after being found guilty of uttering online threats against Justin Trudeau.


Hayes had written two Facebook posts threatening to shoot Prime Minister Trudeau on March 6th and July 8th.


He was not charged by the RCMP for the March occurrence because the attending officers believed Hayes understood the potential consequences of his words. Following the second incident, however, Hayes admitted that he crossed the line.

Provincial court Judge Ross Green stated: “I accept that Mr. Hayes did not intend to kill the prime minister and I further accept that he was frustrated by the economic problems he was facing when he made the posts on Facebook, but … I am satisfied that he intended the threatening words he used in both of his posts, regarding causing death to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to intimidate and to be taken seriously.”


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