The CRA is increasing its focus on business intelligence and big data, a move some fear will lead to taxpayers being “spied on” via social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  


The CRA’s plans to use social media in order monitor the activities of taxpayers were revealed within a 2014 internal document, specifically describing analyses based on “web and social media” data.


Although Jean-François Ruel of the CRA states that integrating personal social media analyses into their practices is not currently a priority for the agency, he does admit that interactions on the agency’s own Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages are analyzed.   

Although controversial, a spokesperson for the CRA considers the use of social media as just another part of the CRA’s fact-gathering process, stating: “Publicly available information relating to the specific risk-based factors for the taxpayer may be consulted as part of our fact-gathering processes.”


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