Mohamad Fakih, owner and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, has reached out to Islamic Relief Canada, offering to cover the funeral costs for all six Quebec City shooting victims. He has additionally offered to pay for any repairs that may be needed by the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec.


Fakih explains that his family was extremely affected by the shooting and recalls the difficulty of explaining the tragic situation to his children. He has since decided that helping with costs will allow him to directly become part of the solution. He explains: “That’s what Islam taught me and that’s what Canada taught me … That when you’re blessed with money, success, or knowledge that you share it.”


Islamic Relief Canada has thanked Fakih for his generosity, stating: “This commitment from Mohamad Fakih will go a long way in rebuilding the mosque and keeping the community together after such a tragedy.”

Fakih and his Paramount Fine Foods international locations are no strangers to kind-hearted acts; just last year, the chain promised to hire Syrian refugees at all Canadian locations, noting: “We can do more by [making a] real, hands-on effort.”


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