Tree Canada, a non-profit charity, will be planting thousands of trees to replace the flora that was destroyed in the devastating Fort McMurray fire. This spring, the group will be planting 30,000 seedlings in publicly-owned, natural, forested areas of the city; Beacon Hill and other residential areas will be targeted in 2018.


Although the group is beginning with seedlings, they will be focusing on larger trees in the fall, including balsam poplar, trembling aspen, and willow.  


The project, funded by personal and corporate donations, cites improved air quality and mental health as benefits to be gained from the planting.

Michael Rosen, president of Tree Canada, says: “We deeply sympathize with residents who lost their homes and had their lives so disrupted by the fire. It is my sincere hope that this initiative will help bring back a sense of normalcy.”


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